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Community Advice and Support

Whatever your age, wherever you live in the Greater Manchester Jewish Community, The Fed is by your side.

We offer advice and support, both one-to-one and in groups, to people facing social care problems.

We are here for people of all ages – if you live on your own, if you’re a single parent, part of a couple or family. We’re here for you if you look after another person who cannot manage without your care.

Our Community Advice and Support Team – ‘CAST’ for short – offers one-to-one advice and support and runs our community groups.

CAST support is in addition to, and in some situations, instead of the support available from your Local Council and the NHS.

You can also access the Manchester Jewish community’s Services Directory here. It present our community’s most vital organisations in an easy-to-read format, with a description of the support each organisation offers.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties you are facing?

Support from the Community Advice and Support Team from The Fed could make the world of difference.

Find out more about:

CAST Carers' support community groups

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