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Heathlands Village

Looking for a Greater Manchester care home in a class of its own? There are so many reasons to make Heathlands Village your number one choice.


With a wide variety of care options available, we can offer continuity of care even if your needs increase.

For more information on day-to-day life at Heathlands Village, continue below.

"It is a place that saves lives. Not just the residents, but those of us that care deeply for our relatives too. I can go to bed at night, safe in the knowledge that when I wake up my lovely mum will also wake up safely and cared for"

Heathlands Village: A Jewish Home

Heathlands Village is a Jewish home with ultra modern facilities where we provide the highest standard of person-centred care.

More information on shul and Jewish life at Heathlands Village.

Where are we?


Why choose Heathlands Village?

Ultra-modern facilities

Heathlands Village offers ultra-modern care facilities within a five-acre landscaped site. We have a generously sized patio, manicured gardens and two fantastic sensory gardens, with a seaside and woodland theme.

The heart of the village is our ‘communal hub’ – a lively, popular area in the main building. Here you will find: The Central Cafe and Sunny Lounge, Betty Blue hair salon and the residents’ activity centre. Near to the communal hub is the central atrium leading to our main restaurant,‘Balcombe Hall’, and our village shop. Round the corner is our medical suite and games room.


Would you like to see our home right now?

See our virtual tour

View our aerial photos here

Care that aims for the top

Heathlands Village offers excellent care in magnificent, dementia-friendly surroundings. We are proud to be rated ‘excellent’ by Bury Council and hold ‘Platinum’ status under the national Gold Standards Framework for end-of-life care.

We aim for the highest standards of care set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

To find out more about the care we offer you can read our latest CQC inspection report here.


A person-centred home

Our skilled, caring team of nurses and carers are committed to giving you genuinely ‘person-centred care’. This focuses on your individual wishes and needs.

Our emphasis is on ensuring you have as much choice and control as possible over your own life. Respecting you and maintaining your dignity is our priority.


Holistic care

We want you to get the most out of life. Our aim is to keep you physically and mentally active, enjoying a vibrant Jewish and spiritual life too – if that’s what’s important for you.

We make a huge effort to offer you an extremely varied and entertaining activity schedule. Holistic care would not be complete without providing fresh delicious, varied meal options that suit every palette. Our wonderful catering team ensure there are lots of nutritious, tasty choices on the menu everyday.


A wide range of care

We know that each individual needs a different type and level of care. Some people are relatively independent, whilst others may need help with every aspect of their care.

Offering a wide range of care at Heathlands Village is a very big plus. It means that even if your care needs increases, we will, most likely, be able to accommodate your needs.


What kind of care can we offer you at Heathlands Village?

Residential Care

Giving you a hand with personal care; helping you with your medication – we can support you as much as you need.

Learn more about our Residential Care


Nursing Care

Nursing care will be suitable for you if, in addition to needing residential care, you also have medical care needs.

Learn more about our Nursing Care


Dementia Care

Heathlands Village specialises in looking after people who are living with dementia. We offer three different options depending on the level of care that you need.

Learn more about our Dementia Care


Towards the End of Life

Our nursing team at Heathlands Village offers palliative care, as an alternative to hospice care. We give you and your loved ones total support: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Learn more about towards the end of life


Rest and recuperate

Not all our residents live with us full-time – plenty of people like to join us for short breaks. They come to recuperate, enjoy a change of scene and some ‘TLC’.

Learn more about our respite care


Day care

If you need support during the daytime only, come and spend full or part days at Heathlands Village. You can join our residents for meals and activities.


Paying for care

Our admissions team will discuss how your care can be paid for. This will depend on your financial circumstances and how much care you need.

Find out more

"The girls are like angels. I can’t praise them enough for how they deal with dignity and respect for residents."

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