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Shul and Jewish Life

Heathlands Village is a Jewish home with ultra modern facilities where we provide the highest standard of person-centred care.


If you wish to observe a Jewish religious and cultural way of life you will have everything you need here – Orthodox, traditional or secular – it’s your choice.

We understand that everyone is different. The important thing is to be able to live your life at Heathlands Village, as you did in your own home.


Going to shul

If you have always enjoyed going to shul (synagogue) it could not be any easier. A purpose-built, easily accessible shul in our main building holds services twice a day, every day of the week.

The shul is run by a small independent committee from the local Jewish community who along with others are regular attendees.

Times of Shul services.


Eating kosher

We’re a ‘strictly kosher’ home. All food is prepared by our catering team in our own kitchens – one dairy, one meaty and one parev. This is conducted under the supervision of a ‘mashgiach’ (supervisor) from the Manchester Beth Din. We do not permit non-kosher food items to be brought into our home.


Shabbos and Yomim Tovim

Shabbos (Shabbat) and Yom Tov (Holy Days) bring a very special atmosphere to Heathlands Village. There are traditional celebratory foods and lots of extra visitors, including children and young people. A kiddush is held after Shabbos morning services which all residents are invited to attend.

We do not hold any formal residents’ activities on Shabbos or Yom Tov. The TVs in our communal areas are switched off and The Village Shop and The Central Café are closed. A Shabbos lift is in operation.



Our extensive residents’ activity programme offers a number of activities relating to the Yomim Tovim (chaggim) in the Jewish calendar for example: preparing mishloach manot at Purim; making Rosh Hashanah cards and holding a Residents’ Chanukah concert (by residents for residents).

Key times in the Jewish year attract a number of visitors from local schools, entertainment troupes and L’Chaim (Chabad Lubavitch Manchester). These further enhance our busy residents’ activity schedule.

Religious Director

The Fed employs a full-time Religious Director at Heathlands Village. They provide spiritual and religious support to residents and their families.

If you would like more information about the Jewish way of life in our home the Religious Director would be very happy to advise you.

Although Heathlands Village is a Jewish home we also welcome people of other faiths or those who have no religious affiliation.

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