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Regular donations help manage our cash flow. Even a modest monthly payment will make a big difference to the lives of people who need us.

£5 per month
Just £5 per month/£60 pa would pay for 4 hours employment of a community advice officer to help a homeless person secure a roof over their head.
£10 per month
Just £10 per month/£120 pa would enable The Fed to give 3 grants for essential food items for people in extreme poverty
£15 per month
Just £15 per month/£180 pa would pay for 18 hours employment of an activities coordinator to run social and wellbeing activities for Heathlands Village residents
£20 per month
Just £20 per month/£240 pa would pay for 12 hours employment of a qualified nurse to provide skilled end-of-life care in our Dr Simon Jenkins Nursing Unit
£25 per month
Just £25 per month/£300 pa would pay for 21 hours employment of a volunteer coordinator to arrange regular support for people who have no family support
£30 per month
Just £30 per month/£360 pa would pay for 20 hours employment of a qualified social worker to help an abused child build a healthy future

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