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Lasting gifts

Leaving a lasting gift in your will to The Fed can help us to continue our vital work. Your gift will help us support the most vulnerable people in the Manchester Jewish Community, for years to come.


Your lasting gift (legacy) will help The Fed continue to:

  • Provide a first class Jewish home for the oldest and most frail members of our community, at Heathlands Village.
  • Run community groups, such as our Drop-In and Community Cafe which provide a welcoming place for people in need. These can be a lifeline to those who are socially isolated, coping with a life crisis or mental health difficulties.
  • Run regular activities for children with special needs at our beautiful Children’s Centre, helping them to thrive and make friends.
  • Guide and advise people in desperate circumstances facing homelessness, bereavement, terminal illness, abuse, carer fatigue or poverty.
  • Arrange regular volunteer support for someone who is lonely, needs help shopping or to attend appointments for medical treatment.

If you would like to leave a lasting gift to The Fed please contact our Fundraising Team on 0161 772 4789 or email

Types of legacy

There are a number of types of lasting gifts you can leave to The Fed:

  • A ‘residuary’ bequest is one where you leave The Fed whatever is left of your estate after your wishes have been carried out, and all related expenses met. This type of gift tends to be of most benefit to The Fed as its value increases in line with the value of your estate.
  • A ‘reversionary’ bequest is one where you give someone a ‘life interest’ in your estate to take care of them during their lifetime, and after their death, the remainder goes to The Fed.
  • A ‘pecuniary’ bequest is one where you leave a fixed sum of money to The Fed. The disadvantage of this type of gift is that its value decreases over time due to inflation.


Do you need to contact a solicitor who can offer to write a simple will for you for free? Please contact CAST on 0161 772 4789 or email

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