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Our facilities and activities

Visitors to Heathlands Village are simply blown away by our amazing facilities and the fantastic range of activities for residents.

Our beautiful sensory gardens, our highly specialised care households, our innovative ‘Motiview’ cycles and Nordoff Robbins Music therapy…

….these are just some of the features which make Heathlands Village such a happy, home.

Dr Simon Jenkins Unit – nursing care

The nursing department at Heathlands Village is based in our 29 bed Dr Simon Jenkins Unit which we opened in September 2018.

The unit, named after a popular former President of our home, is situated in Eventhall House. The unit is run by trained nurses with a huge amount of experience, supported by highly skilled care assistants.

It has its own dining room and two cheerful lounges and benefits from a wonderful ‘Reval’ assisted therapy bathroom. The specialist bath can be tilted so you can enjoy being immersed in relaxing warm water, while being fully supported. Other calming functions include lighting options and hydro massage.

The Dr Jenkins unit has a family room where your relatives and friends can rest and recharge their batteries or stay overnight.


Dementia Care – Oakwood

On 2016 we opened ‘Oakwood’ a 12 bedded household offering expert nursing dementia care. This is also situated in Eventhall House.

Oakwood is suitable if you are in the more advanced stages of dementia or have an accompanying mental health illness.

Residents can undertake simple household chores alongside the care team such as folding laundry and helping to set the table.

There is a lovely, light-filled open plan living room with kitchen, dining and lounge areas. Off this is a decked patio which leads into the Woodland Sensory Garden

The safe, uplifting environment and the wonderful care will help you maintain as much independence as possible.


Dementia Care – Beach House

Beach House is a beautiful ‘home within a home’, opened in June 2018. This gorgeous dementia-friendly residential care setting has accommodation for up to 20 people.

The layout of the unit is calm and flowing to enable you to make your way about independently. This is especially important if you are feeling upset or agitated.

Beach House adjoins our wonderful Seaside Sensory Garden which you can access safely without help. The design of this living area follows the seaside theme of the garden.

Beach House several features to help you remain as independent as possible:

Assisted bathrooms

Beach House has a special Reval Transcare assisted bathroom with hydro-massage and a range of relaxing and calming lighting options. The specialist bath can be tilted so you can totally relax, while fully supported, immersed up to your shoulders in lovely warm water.

Adaptive lighting

The corridors along Beach House have been installed with special ceiling panel lights which look like a natural blue sky.

Lighting levels in Beach House can be adjusted at different times of the day or night to help adjust your sleep pattern.


Your bedroom in Beach House will be installed with sensors to trigger lights to come on and guide you safely to and from the bathroom in the night-time.

Our furniture has ‘cut-away’ sections so you will be able to find your clothes and other belongings easily.

And there’s lots of room if you want to bring a favourite piece of furniture with you.

Bedrooms have brightly painted, large numbered front doors with memory boxes to the side, containing photos and mementoes. This is designed to help you find your room without help.


The village’s catering team prepares all meals for Beach House. There are also has two kitchens where you can make a drink or snack for yourself and your visitors.

Keeping you ‘nourished’

Beach House’s care team use ‘Nourish’ to keep a record of your care throughout the day. Staff use handheld devices while ‘on the go’, to make notes of the care you receive. They can record, for example, when you had your medication or how much you have had to drink.

Using Nourish reduces the time our team must spend updating care records on computers. This increases the time available for the one-to-one care and attention you need.


Sensory Gardens

Heathlands Village has two wonderful safe, sensory gardens which are important aspects of offering care in a truly ‘dementia-friendly’ environment.

The gardens are designed to offer you independent access to the outdoors. Time spent in the fresh air can be a huge benefit in lifting your mood and maintaining your wellbeing.

Seaside Garden

Our Seaside Sensory Garden adjoins ‘Beach House’ where we provide residential dementia care. This fabulous garden is full of features which will take you back to childhood holidays at the seaside.

An amazing ’soundscape’ plays the sounds of children laughing, waves breaking and seagulls crying. Speakers are cleverly disguised as large garden rocks!

You can sit on the pier; enjoy the breeze and the sights and sounds around you. You’ll love the beach huts, sailing boats and ice cream kiosk and lots of others lovely touches.

Woodland Garden

The Woodland Garden adjoining ‘Oakwood’ is a lovely, tranquil space is accessed via a decked patio. It overlooks a children’s outdoor play area.

The garden is surrounded by a small wood and has a lovely summer-house and bird-hide. There are raised planting beds also if you fancy a little bit of gardening.

Heathlands Village is planning a third sensory garden which will also adjoin Eventhall House. We hope to open this in Spring 2019.


Other facilities:

Other facilities include:

  • a vibrant Central Cafe open to the community – for more info click here
  • The Heathlands Shul – for more info click here
  • free Wifi
  • a library
  • a mobile multisensory unit
  • optician’s visits
  • overnight accommodation for family and friends
  • physiotherapy visits
  • a toe-nail cutting service
'The atmosphere is so happy; the residents are really enjoying themselves and the whoosh of the waves hitting the rocks are really so therapeutic.
The sound of seagulls reminds me of going to have fish and chips in Conwy in North Wales.

Donations make
us what we are


See opposite for how your donation can help us

Regular donations help manage our cash flow. Even a modest monthly payment will make a big difference to the lives of people who need us.

£5 per month
Just £5 per month/£60 pa could help pay an Advice Officer for 4 hours, helping a homeless person secure a roof over their head.
£10 per month
Just £10 per month/£120 pa could help The Fed give 3 grants for essential food items for people in extreme poverty
£15 per month
Just £15 per month/£180 pa could help pay a social worker for 11.5 hours, helping an abused child build a healthy future
£20 per month
Just £20 per month/£240 pa could help pay a volunteer coordinator for 19 hours, arranging for people with no family or friends to have some company
£25 per month
Just £25 per month/£300 pa could help pay a carers’ advice worker for 24 hours, offering support for carers looking after a loved one
£30 per month
Just £30 per month/£360 pa could fund 18 social groups for people who are lonely or struggling with emotional or mental health difficulties

Activities and wellbeing

Our activity team are dedicated to keeping you stimulated and entertained with a diverse programme of activities.

Daily activities are run in our purpose built-art Activity Centre and smaller lounges around the Village. Larger events such as parties, dance-displays and concerts are held in our Function Room and Memorial Hall.

Our activity schedule caters for a variety of interests. You can pick and choose what you fancy coming along to. There are

  • Animal petting sessions
  • Bridge and Kalooki games
  • Bingo
  • Cocktail nights
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Concerts by professional singers
  • Choir performances
  • Children’s visits eg school concerts
  • Dance nights
  • Dance shows by professional dancers
  • Exercise classes
  • Film shows
  • Giant Scrabble
  • Gardening Club
  • ‘Gemz’ – intergenerational visits
  • ‘Jabadao’ exercise
  • Motiview cycling
  • Music appreciation
  • Music therapy
  • Residents’ concerts and choir practice
  • Reminiscence sessions
  • Quizzes
  • Table-tennis sessions

The team runs regular shopping trips and excursions to stately homes, seaside and places of interest.


Experience Virtual Reality Cycling with Motiview

Our specialist Motiview computerised bikes offer a virtual reality cycling experience. This amazing project helps you sleep better, boosts memory and mood and keeps you physically active:

There are thousands of routes to choose from, taking you cycling all over the world. Watch your progress on a large screen and listen to music and sounds from the places you visit.

Music Therapy

Heathlands Village partners a national charity – Nordoff Robbins. Together we offer our residents both individual and group music therapy sessions.

Our highly experienced therapist visits our home regularly to spend time with people in our care who are the most ‘hard to reach’.

Through music, song and percussion and he draws people’s into the world around them, helping them communicate when speech may no longer usually be possible.

Function rooms

Heathlands Village has a number of different sized function rooms available for hire for celebrations or private meetings. These can be hired by residents and families as well as local people and organisations.

It no longer feels as though he is in a ‘care home’ but instead it feels as though he is part of a warm and inclusive community.

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