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Communal Activities

Not everyone who needs The Fed’s help requires our support on an individual basis. The best support for some people comes from meeting others at one of our regular group sessions or other activities

Group sessions put you in touch with people who are likely to understand the challenges you face in life. Meeting others in similar circumstances can help you feel less isolated with whatever issues you are dealing with.

Staff at The Fed have also observed lasting friendships blossom between people who attend our groups. This is an added dimension which helps to enrich people’s lives – both young and old.

Our groups are generally split into adults only groups and groups for children and young people.

The group sessions usually take place in one of two locations at Heathlands Village – our Children’s Centre or our Purple Room Community Centre.

Some groups allow you to turn up unannounced. Others require you to book a place or let us know in advance if you’re going to be attending.

Communal groups for adults Communal groups for children

Call 0161 772 4800 (option 2) or contact CAST for further information or advice.


Volunteers make
us what we are


A few things we’d like you to know about volunteering

Just an hour or two of your time every week or fortnight can make an enormous difference to someone’s life.

... is vital to The Fed. We could not survive without them. They’re involved in almost every aspect of our work.
Volunteering... essential to our work. We never have enough volunteers. We always need more, even for one off jobs.
... is a two-way thing: volunteers get as much out of it as the people they support.
... gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning – knowing you’re going to be making someone happy.

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