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Types of care

The Types of Care we offer

We’re all different. The type of care you need as you get older, varies considerably from person to person. You may have physical or medical care needs or struggle with your memory.

Do you need help with showering, bathing and getting dressed? Do you need a wheelchair to get around or help getting in and out of bed? Perhaps you tend to get confused and need a lot of reminding and reassuring. The Heathlands Village care team can offer you a wide range of care options.


The care that you need

Our Admissions team talk these options through with you and your family. We ask about your health, what you can do for yourself and what you need help with. We talk to any health or social care professionals who have been involved with your care.

We find out if you have symptoms or a diagnosis of dementia. We want to know what you did for a living and how you like to spend your time now.

This helps us understand all of your needs. Through careful assessment we identify the best place for your care within Heathlands Village.

Residential Care

Residential care is suited if you need help:

  • To shower, dress and manage the toilet for example. This is what we call ‘personal care’.
  • At meal-times – to help or encourage you to eat.
  • To get from place to place eg from bed to toilet; from your room to another part of our home.
  • To remember to take, or to help you access, your medication.
  • To stay in contact with the people you love; to remember what activities are taking place that you enjoy

Nursing Care

Nursing care is suited to you if, in addition to residential care, you also have medical care needs. At Heathlands Village this is provided in our Dr Simon Jenkins Unit. This type of care includes:

  • Having someone keep track of how much you are eating and drinking or managing your tube-feed.
  • Having someone attend to or ensure you do not develop pressure sores.
  • Monitoring your medical condition round-the-clock.
  • Providing you with regular pain control and palliative care

Residential Dementia Care

Do you need a lot reassurance and support? Do you struggle a great deal with your memory and get very confused? You would probably benefit from being cared for at Beach House.

This is a smaller household within the main building at Heathlands Village. The highly skilled team care for people who need more intensive, specialist residential dementia care.

Nursing Dementia Care

Oakwood is a cosy, household situated in Eventhall House within Heathlands Village. It was opened in 2016 and was purpose-built for caring for people living with dementia.

Are your care needs more complex? Do you have dementia combined with other ongoing mental health problems? The Oakwood nursing and care team can offer you specialist nursing dementia care.

The team is led by trained mental health nurses who can administer medication if needed. They can offer care for example if you suffer from:

  • Hallucinations
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Severe anxiety

The team focuses on helping you achieve the best quality of life and maintaining your skills and independence.

They work closely with our local GP team and pharmacy. Together they monitor and review your mental and physical health needs and the effectiveness of your medication.

Discharge to Assess (D2A)

Heathlands Village Discharge to Assess unit is a service we provide in conjunction with Bury Local Authority, acting as a halfway-house for Bury patients coming out of hospital who still require professional care and support before returning home. Staff on D2A welcome their residents from hospital, and help maintain their baseline conditions and meet their rehabilitation potential, so that they may once again become as functionally independent as possible.

The unit currently has 19 beds commissioned to Bury LA, with 6 beds commissioned to Trafford.

Towards the End of Life

As an alternative to hospice care, Heathlands Village offers palliative care, in our Dr Simon Jenkins Nursing Unit. Our care team can offer you and your loved ones total support – emotional, physical and spiritual.

We have a family room where your loved ones can take a breather or even stay the night. As an alternative, we can put an extra bed in your room to enable them to sleep by your side.

Our aim is to avoid any need to transfer you to hospital towards the end of life.


The Fed produces a number of leaflets which you may find helpful:

Coping With End Of Life

Losing A Loved One

When You Lose Someone You Love

Day Care

You may be managing fine during the evening and night-time. But perhaps you need to be looked after during the day? You might like to come to Heathlands Village for full or part days, joining our residents for meals and activities.

Short stays

Heathlands Village is very popular with people for short breaks. You can stay with us to get back on our feet after a period of illness or a hospital stay. While you recuperate, plans can be made to help you manage when you are back in your own home.

Short stays give you a real feel of life at Heathlands Village before deciding on a permanent move into care.

And they can give your loved ones a break from caring responsibilities and a chance to ‘recharge their batteries’.

The love, care and attention my Grandma received from the team ... was incredible. The staff have been like an extended family to us all over recent days. They cried with us and hugged us as if we were their own.

For further information contact our Admissions Team on 0161 772 4800 or email us.

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