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Our Community Advice and Support Team (CAST) is here to help if you are experiencing a social care problem.

CAST has a wealth of training and experience in providing professional, practical advice and support to people of all ages.

CAST includes a number of Social Workers who are regulated and registered with Social Work England (


Examples of how we can help you:

Do you need support to remain in your own home or advice about funding a move to a care home?

Are you struggling with living independently in your own home? Do you need to move into a care home? Are you confused by what help you are entitled to from your local council and the NHS?

Perhaps you need meal-on-wheels, homecare or volunteer support? You might need a piece of equipment such as a walking frame or wheelchair? We’re here to help and can provide you with advice about this and more.

Are you a carer who is struggling to look after a loved one?

CAST’s carers’ advice worker can offer you individual support and advice to help you cope with your caring role. Additional support is available via our carers’ groups, including our male-only Purple Group.

Do you need help managing money?

We can offer advice and help you to apply for financial benefits or grants. We can help you learn to manage your debts

Do you need advice about planning ahead?

We can help you find a solicitor to make a will or lasting power of attorney. We can advise about the Court of Protection, making a halachic will (in accordance with Jewish law), or paying for membership of a Jewish Burial Board.

Are you or your family facing a major life crisis?

We can help you if you are facing abuse, poverty or severe illness. We can advise you and be your ‘voice’ to help you get the support you need. We can help arrange practical support.

Does your child have special needs?

Does your child have a physical or learning disability? Do they have a developmental delay? We can provide advice about what benefits and help is available. We can support you as a family.

Do you need help with important life decisions?

We can help you consider different options for accommodation, care or other important life decisions.

Are you a Holocaust Survivor or Refugee?

CAST can help you access grants which you are entitled to or refer you to The Fed’s ‘My Voice’ project.


Referral and Advice

CAST offers a weekday ‘Referral and Advice Service’. You can phone the officer on duty:

  • For a quick piece of information, advice or help, such as how to obtain a disabled badge, book a place at our communal seder, or find out the times of our Mums ‘n’ Tots group or other community groups.
  • To be ‘signposted’ to another organisation such as a local friendship group or a charity which loans out equipment such as wheelchairs.
  • To be referred to another department at The Fed. Perhaps you need a volunteer to go with you for medical treatment, or would like to become a member of our mental health Drop-In?
  • To refer yourself or someone else for ongoing support from CAST to help you deal with a difficult problem. Perhaps you have been made homeless or no longer feel you can manage to look after yourself without help. Maybe you need help with caring for your child who has special needs?
  • To refer yourself for carers’ advice and support because you are struggling to cope with looking after a loved one


If you are not sure if we can help you, please ask us anyway! It’s likely we will be able to help you directly, signpost or refer you to another relevant agency.



Perhaps you need more than just a quick bit of advice or information? You may need ongoing advice and support from CAST.

You may have a problem which is quite complicated or will take a while and a number of stages to sort out. In that situation, CAST’s manager will assign a member of the team to be your individual caseworker. They will work with you or your family on an individual basis, supporting you over a period of time.

A final word…

CAST can keep a check on you or your family’s well-being. We can review whether you or a loved one are getting enough help and support. We can support you practically and emotionally too.

Call 0161 772 4800 (option 2) or contact CAST for further information or advice.


The examples above give you a taste of how we can help you. If you’re not sure it only takes a quick phone call or email to find out.

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