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Volunteer Support

Volunteer Support – how we can offer extra help

The Fed’s Volunteer Department is based at Heathlands Village, in Prestwich. We offer support to any Jewish person, of any age, who needs volunteer support across Greater Manchester.

The Fed’s excellence in providing volunteer support to the Greater Manchester Jewish Community was recognised in 2016 by ‘The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service’.

This award recognises the outstanding standard of the service we offer and is equivalent to an individual person being awarded an MBE. We are very proud of our wonderful volunteers for this achievement.


One to one support

Do you spend too much time alone? Have you lost confidence or do you feel vulnerable? Could you do with some help with shopping or support when going for medical treatment? Maybe you would just enjoy a little company?

The Fed’s wonderful, caring volunteers are here to help you. They give their time to The Fed free of charge and are trained and supervised by a team of volunteer coordinators.

Our volunteer coordinators take great care to match each volunteer with the person who needs support. Listening carefully to your wishes and needs is our recipe for success.

Volunteers make
us what we are

A few things we’d like you to know about volunteering

Just an hour or two of your time every week or fortnight can make an enormous difference to someone’s life.

... is vital to The Fed. We could not survive without them. They’re involved in almost every aspect of our work.
Volunteering... essential to our work. We never have enough volunteers. We always need more, even for one off jobs.
... is a two-way thing: volunteers get as much out of it as the people they support.
... gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning – knowing you’re going to be making someone happy.

Coffee stops

As well as befriending people on a one to one basis, The Fed’s volunteers help run our ‘coffee-stops’. These are regular social get-togethers at local venues across Greater Manchester, such as the Maccabi Centre, Sha’are Hayim shul, local schools or garden centres.

Support for carers

Volunteers can help you if are caring for a loved one. Maybe you need a little ‘time for you’ to recharge your batteries? Our volunteers can give you a regular break by staying with the person you look after while you have some time to yourself.

There is no charge for volunteer support although we do request a small charge for transport.

To arrange to receive volunteer support contact CAST.

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