A cycling programme has proved so popular with Heathlands Villagers that it has become an integral part of their daily activities, with residents asking to use them and wanting to go on familiar journeys.

Coupled with the host of activites and therapies offered at Heathlands Village, this unique and engaging programme succeeds in the primary aim of Dementia Action Week, which encourages people to take action to improve the lives of people living with dementia. 

Introduced to the Village 2018, an innovative programme using a combination of video footage, music and specially adapted bikes, creates an immersive cycling experience for older people.

It encourages our residents to take regular exercise and benefits wellbeing, sleep and mobility, especially for those living with dementia,

This is part and parcel of The Fed’s work both in the community and at Heathlands Village, where providing varied stimulating activities helps people live the best life possible.

Over the years Heathlands Village residents have participated in the Road Worlds for Seniors competition organised by the bike’s designers Motitech, in which teams of people living in care homes all over the world have competed to cover the most kilometres.

In 2018 Heathlands took the UK no: 1 spot covering almost 1,000 km, increasing this by 50% the following year with some people over 100 years of age taking part!

Nick Burgess who heads up Heathlands Village’s Activities Team reported:

“The bikes have proven so popular that they’ve become an integral part of our daily activities. Residents ask to use them and want to go on familiar journeys.

“Many enjoy going places they’ve been on holiday. The rides are excellent for aiding mobility and help people socialise as they talk about their memories.”

And they clearly help people live better lives despite cognitive impairment.

“If someone is feeling down in the dumps, we encourage them to get on one of the bikes and they listen to the music and go on a journey. It helps distract them and really lifts their spirits.”