Fed-Ex (Mancs in London) held their first event on Thursday night, 7 November 2019, at FEST in Camden Market.

Over 160 ex-pat Mancunians and a spattering of their southern friends attended the Blingo Bingo evening which brought in over £5k for The Fed’s community services.


Fed-Ex was set up by a group of Manchester friends to raise money for The Fed which is the key social care charity serving people of all ages in the Greater Manchester Community.

With large numbers of young Jewish Mancunians migrating to the capital for work and social reasons, the event provided an ideal opportunity for them to catch up with old friends and support their home community.


The ten strong Fed-Ex committee is chaired by Chloe Adlestone whose father Mark Adlestone OBE DL is a trustee of The Fed, having been its Chairman for ten years up until November 2018.


Following the event Chloe said: “The committee and I are absolutely overwhelmed with the support we received on the evening. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick off for our new venture and are so excited to keep planning more fundraising events for the Mancunian community in London!”



Chloe is joined on the committee by her sister Tara Bloom and husband Rafi along with Elise Bloom, Millie Braslavsky, Illana Freeman,Harvey Kaye, Michael Oster, Tash Maskill and Hannah Solomons.