30 of our volunteers and staff held their first “packathon” at Sainsbury’s Heaton Park store on Sunday 18th August, helping customers to pack their shopping.

We were recently selected as the store’s local Charity of the Year, and the fundraiser kick-started the 12 month partnership with the store.æ Our Fundraising Manager, Rochelle Broman said that the public’s response was excellent.

With balloons, buckets, charity boxes and tabards in our distinctive branding, the check-out tills were a sea of bright orange.


æ”You couldn’t miss us!” said the charity’s Fundraising Officer, Zoe Slotwiner, who coordinated the day, “And there was a really festive atmosphere. The volunteers had loads of fun; many stayed on to help longer than originally planned but most important of all – customers were so generous.”


The final figure for the day is not known yet but it is expected that over £1,000 will have been raised by the packathon.

We will be holding monthly packathons, selling trolley coins and holding trolley dash raffle. Coins and raffle tickets available from the store or through The Fed from mid-September.


Can you help next time?

Zoe would be delighted to hear from anyone who can come along to help for a couple of hours at packathons. She can be contacted on 0161 772 4967 or [email protected]



Zoe Slotwiner, Fundraising Officer, David Gaffin, Store Manager, Suri Lederberger, Volunteer, Barbara Wolfstein, Database officer, Sonia Clynes, Volunteer, and Dolly Abelson, Fundraiser


Packathoners enjoying the day….

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