As temperatures begin to plummet, residents and service-users at The Fed found a novel way to try and stay warm!

The front lawn and pathways of Heathlands Village made a perfect cycling track for young participants of the Children’s Centre, at an autumn play-scheme run by The Fed’s All Age Service, and on hand to ensure the safety of pedestrians was lolly-pop lady, and Heathlands Village resident, Faye Varley.

Director of Community Services, Bernie Garner commented:

“Several residents jumped at the chance of acting as traffic wardens or to patrol the crossings. The activity epitomised what we aim for – a truly multigenerational site where everyone can take full advantage of our beautiful surroundings and young and old can be brought together to uplift each other’s lives. How great is that?”

Bernie also joined in the fun, directing the traffic along with residents and a number of volunteers and sessional workers from the Children’s Centre. Bikes, tricycles and scooters all flew past, delighting those on the lawn, and watching from the warmth of the Central Cafe atæHeathlands Village.


The bikes and equipment were purchased in part through the support of Key 103.