Sunday night, 9th May, saw the Village a hive of activity as staff from across The Fed’s many departments volunteered to give up their weekend evening and assist with our 2021 major fundraising campaign.

With close to 30 members of staff manning the phone lines in anticipation of the response to The F Word, our unique, groundbreaking feature film about The Fed – broadcast live on Sky and Freeview at 8.30pm on the 9th – the air was electric!

Director of Community Services, Bernie Garner, mans the phone lines!


One the clock ticked past 8.30pm, the phone lines and our website lit up, as people from all over the country – and indeed the world – began donating in force, having been touched by our programme.

“Beyond superb – The Fed is an absolute beacon and those involved are tremendous!” said one donor; “A wonderful organisation – our mother was so loved and cared for…thank you for being there for the Jewish community” said another.

There was uncertainty how a national tv broadcast would compare to the tried-and-tested method of our fundraising dinner, but the nerves proved unfounded.

“It is clear that the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Fed CEO Mark Cunningham.

“This was a departure from a safe and familiar format – but the whole concept, the production and the drive to get this into people’s homes has been fantastic.”

To watch the full program, click here.

To watch just our powerful feature film, ‘Not Alone’, written by Manchester’s own Tony Walsh, and narrated by the wonderful Ashley Margolis, click here.