A new year at The Fed has seen a new phase in its development with the implementation of its NextGen future-proofing strategy, as explained by Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communication, Raphi Bloom.

“A key factor in the sustainability of any organisation is ensuring it remains fit for purpose in the long-term. However many committed volunteers and donors you have, it’s dangerous to allow yourselves to be complacent.

“We are very aware of the need to constantly keep our sights on the future and expand our donor and volunteer base to incorporate younger generations. This cohort will also produce potential leaders and it is they will guarantee The Fed’s future.”

On Sunday night ‘Fed Up North’, a local committee of young Fed enthusiasts holds its inaugural sell-out event at Ezra and Gil’s in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Parallel with fundraising events and campaigns appealing to younger audiences, the new strategy has seen the creation of two new roles within its Volunteer Services Department.

Earlier this month the team was expanded by the appointment of 23-year-old Danielle, ‘Dan’, Jeffries as its NextGen Project Coordinator, and 38-year-old, Danielle Morley as its Training and Recruitment Officer.

Dan previously worked for Aish as a campus coordinator whilst Danielle worked with offenders managing a behaviour treatment programme within the Prison Service.

Their specific brief is to enrol people aged 18 to 40 into volunteering roles with The Fed, taking new recruits through induction and training, matching them with people who need support or placing them in ‘non-people related’ roles, and overseeing their work.

Interested in signing up as a volunteer? Or in need of support? Contact The Fed on 0162 772 4800 or email info@thefed.org.uk