Good table-manners were not in evidence amongst diners at The Pagoda restaurant last Saturday night (31st October) as guests sniffed and felt their food and discarded cutlery and chop sticks.

The lack of etiquette at the Prestwich eatery was enthusiastically encouraged by three creative young women – Zoe Slotwiner, Vanessa Serene and Daniella Gardner, who make up Les Mademoiselles Committee.


Zoe, Vanessa and Daniela.

Pictured dressed for the occasion are (L to R) Zoe, Vanessa and Daniela.

It was all down to the threesome’s second Fed fundraiser – a Halloween themed Dine in the Dark event attended by 50 people. Blindfolded guests were led conga-style to their tables and served a three-course meal in pitch darkness, though “quite a bit of cheating took place”, according to Zoe.


Zoe and Vanessa met at school during drama lessons and put their theatre skills to use in staging both events. Zoe explains,

“We had great fun theming the evening for Halloween using spooky sound-effects, tomb-stone table numbers, and rats, bats and severed fingers strewn around. Even the raffle was picked blindfolded from a bucket of “worm” noodles which felt revolting!”



The committee have so far raised £2,300 from this and their inaugural event in January – a lingerie show.


If you would like to know more about future Fed events or fancy devising your own event, or helping out please call The Fed’s fundraising office on 0161 772 4800.