We are delighted to announce the appointment of Raphi Bloom, to the newly created role of Fundraising and Marketing Director.

Forty-nine year old USA born Raphi, of Radcliffe, who is also co-Chair of North West Friends of Israel, will join The Fed on April 1st following a highly successful four year stint as UJIA’s North West Senior Fundraiser.

Fed Chairman, Bernie Yaffe, said, “Raphi has a proven track record of creating strong relationships across a wide spectrum of the community.

He excels at donor engagement and development and possesses outstanding advocacy skills which will help us build broader knowledge, understanding of and support for our critical work throughout the whole community.

Raphi added, “I have always viewed The Fed as a pillar organisation of the Manchester Jewish Community in providing essential services for its most vulnerable members -of all ages. I have seen certain of those services at close quarters as my late father, Dr Raymond Bloom, who was the Principal of Broughton Jewish Primary School from 1977 to 1985 was wonderfully cared for at Heathlands Village after suffering a stroke in later life.

Anyone who knows me will attest to my passion for our community.  The opportunity to continue to work for its betterment and carry out some of the most important work defined by Judaism, excites and humbles me in equal measure.

I was hugely privileged to work at UJIA for four years. My appointment here at The Fed will permit me to maintain my communal work, whilst allowing for a fantastic progression in my career.”

We offer our congratulation to Raphi on securing this exciting appointment, and look forward to him joining us from April!