Heathlands Village residents are channelling their inner Ernest Hemmingway, thanks to a unique initiative from UK greeting-card company, Greyling Post.

For five of our residents have begun writing to newly-introduced pen pals, through a scheme described by staff as ‘heart-warming.’

The Fed’s Trusts, Foundations and Bids Fundraiser, Lucy Edwards, explains:

“I came across Greyling Post when I was actually looking for birthday cards to buy! They are a small company who have come up with a wonderful way of alleviating loneliness and boredom.

Every time they sell a pack of cards, they put one pack aside. After 20 packs have been saved, they are parcelled up and sent to care homes across the UK.

We received a huge box full of cards – what a kind thing to do, and a small gesture that means the world to others.”

Mooview House tenant, Sydney Ellman, is one member of the group who have begun writing cards.

“It’s nice to have someone to send a card to,” he said, “and I’ll be happy to get one back.”

Activity Centre Deputy-Manager, Jennifer Berger, agreed.

“We got in contact with Broughton House, who gave us the names of four gentlemen who had expressed interest in receiving mail from our residents.

Once it gets off the ground, I would like to extend this project and get residents writing to care homes far and wide – receiving a lovely handwritten letter can really brighten up someone’s day.”

Mia Hague, Director of Greyling Post, said, “The scheme is a thoughtful way of making a difference – and if any other care homes would appreciate some cards, please drop us an email at greylingpost@gmail.com.”