The pandemic has caused our usually routine ways of celebrating together to come to an almost complete stop – but that has never meant that we can’t celebrate at all.

This year, thanks to the tireless dedication of our staff and the wonders of technology, Heathlands Village residents have enjoys a simcha-filled Chanukah – including lighting the menorah and singing our familiar songs with a lot of different faces!

On the first night of Chanukah, we linked up with Broughton Jewish Primary School for a music-filled Zoom candle-lighting ceremony. Pupils from across the age ranges danced and sang their way through almost 30 minutes of a special Chanukah-themed production, before the Village and the school lit their menorahs and joined together in singing Maoz Tzur. In a special twist, the Broughton Jewish side was co-ordinated by Rabbi Coleman, the brother of our own Shoshi Black!

(scroll down for more Chanukah news – and The Fed’s appearance on ITV!)


On the day before Chanukah, we were contacted by ITV News, who wanted to come and film our celebrations for a feature they were producing that evening on the news. We were happy to oblige – and were delighted to see our familiar home and its familiar faces featured on the television that night! You can watch the clip here.

The days continued with Chanukah-themed parties, games and quizes, with doughnut making (of course!) and a wonderful Zoom-led art session with ArtbyChava.