The second month of the year has long been a highlight of The Fed’s annual calendar of events, with Fed Friday attracting hundreds of families across Greater Manchester to support our work by inviting guests for a Friday night meal, and asking for donations to The Fed in lieu of gifts.

This year, with Covid-19 putting paid to any guests or socialising, we had to get our thinking caps on! The result? We’ve turned February into FEDruary – the orange month, for the orange charity!

Each day throughout the month, we’ve been sharing a #FedFact on social media, highlighting the breadth of our critical work – and shining a light on issues and challenges you may not have been aware of.

To show your support, you can add a temporary Fedruary frame to your profile picture on Facebook, simply by clicking on your picture, clicking Update profile picture, selecting Add a frame, and searching for ‘Fedruary’.


And Fed Friday is still going ahead!


Despite being physically separated, we are calling on the community to continue to show their generosity and concern for those less fortunate than themselves by donating to our Fed Friday appeal. This year, to add a special twist, the money donated will not only go towards our life-saving community services work, but will go towards a special Shabbos Pack, sent to isolated clients across the community, who would be lost without The Fed’s support.

In that way, our Fed Friday momentum continues – and offers a warm virtual hug to those who are most alone right now. What better thing to do during lockdown?

Volunteers help us pack and distribute our Fed Friday packs.


For more information and to sponsor a pack, click this link.