A ïdodgy knee’ was never going to be enough to stop 36 year-old Alon Stock from competing in this year’s London Marathon to fund raise for The Fed

Although a Londoner, Alon has strong ties to The Fed – his mother-in-law Debbie Hamburger is a member of the Board of Trustees.

He said, “Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, so when the place came up to run for The Fed, I jumped at the chance.

My family ties to the organisation and its leadership, coupled with the fantastic work it does, made it a very fitting cause for me to raise funds for.”

Months of intense training in preparation for the April 23rd event left its mark, however.

“Having started running last year, I had thought running a marathon was fairly achievable. I ran a half-marathon, and ran 23 miles comfortably in preparation, but all the training took its toll and I entered the race with a dodgy knee. I was relaxed going into the race, but ended up hitting the infamous ïwall’ at the 21-mile mark. It took an hour for the St John’s ambulance staff to help me feel well enough to carry on.

My time ended up being far slower than I anticipated, but on the plus side I got to soak up the awesome atmosphere as I took a leisurely stroll toward the finish line.”

Despite the day not panning out as planned, Alon said he is “delighted to be the proud owner of a finisher’s medal, and can say that I’ve completed a marathon – albeit slowly and somewhat dramatically!”

Alon’s race time wasn’t the only goal he had for the day. His fundraising for The Fed has smashed through its own target, and his total is now close to £4000. Anyone wishing to donate to Alon’s campaign can visit The Fed’s website at www.thefed.org.uk.