The Fed and the Feinmann Trust are delighted to announce the formation of a new partnership to increase the provision of community services support across South Manchester, after identifying a significant increase in demand for help. This will entail the Feinmann Trust providing funding to The Fed for the recruitment of a new Registered Social Worker by its Community Advice and Support Team (CAST).

“This groundbreaking and exciting partnership finally brings together the two primary Jewish social care organisations in Manchester and will provide a unified approach for the benefit of the whole community” said Bernie Yaffe, Chair of Trustees of The Fed.

“We are confident the welfare of the Jewish community of South Manchester will be vastly improved with the professional input The Fed can provide,” he added.

The Fed currently provides support across South Manchester through its Volunteers service. The addition of a new social worker will allow The Fed to develop and increase its level of support and social welfare advice through CAST to community members across the region.

The project will be based in South Manchester while the new advice, assessment and support service is in its development phase. The project will include liaising with synagogue leaders and their care groups across the area to ensure their members have access to a professional social work service for those experiencing issues of loneliness, financial concerns, poor mental health, or who need support in planning their care in later life.

In addition, practical and emotional support from Fed volunteers will be provided through the enhanced role of the unique Volunteer Coordinator to the South Manchester community. They will ensure those requiring help receive a volunteer who is best able to assist them with their needs. The Fed Volunteer Coordinator hosts regular “coffee stops” across South Manchester, and these will be expanded so that the new dedicated social worker will be present to offer support and advice to clients.

“In common with the rest of the country, the Manchester community is living in unprecedented and frightening times,” said Ian Paul, Chair of Trustees of the Feinmann Trust.

“It is only right that the two major communal care organisations work together for the good of the entire community. Demand for support is rising and between us we aim to meet that demand.”