*This article was written before the increased social distancing guidelines were in place*

Karon Anderson has worked at Heathlands Village since 2005 when she joined the Fed as a senior night-time social care worker. The ‘rough diamond, with a huge heart’ moved from care work to the Activity Centre team nine years ago – and has been one of a number of staff members showing their hidden talents during the current lockdown!

With visitors, including volunteers, currently banned from the Prestwich care home, a major concern, among the female residents especially, is how to get their hair and nails done.  With the closure of Betty Blue, our Village salon, and the absence and volunteer, Ros Harris – who makes a full time job of residents’ nailcare -something had to be done.

Karon is nothing if not adaptable. Last weekend she paired up with Community Services Director, Bernie Garner, and having arranged with care colleagues to wash residents’ hair in their rooms, they opened up the salon and nail bar for some very important pampering.

“People needed the normality.” Karon explained.  “At first me and Bernie both set to work blow-waving people’s hair but Bernie’s attempts – shall I say? – didn’t kind of work! So, I moved her on to just doing nails.

I did 17 ladies’ blow dries and made a pretty good job of it. One bloke wanted his hair cutting but I told him I could only give him a skin-head – so he declined!”