The Fed’s brand-new podcast is to launch on 1st September.

According to the show’s producer Robert Marks, our Communications and Digital Lead, Humans of The Fed will  “focus very much on the human element – listening to peoples’ life stories – the journeys they’ve taken, and how The Fed came to be a part of that.

“We’ll showcase the diverse and fascinating community that exists within our universe of social care – hence the name.”

He continues ,“Among the thousands of people who make up The Fed community – staff, volunteers, clients, supporters, politicians, and community figures – we have a wealth of highly engaging, hidden stories just waiting to be told”.

“From conversations we’ve been having, there will be some surprising, emotional, hilarious – but also inspiring – episodes.”

Robert will co-host the podcast with The Fed’s Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Director, Raphi Bloom, who is eagerly looking forward to the launch: 

“Podcasts which delve into peoples’ personal stories are extremely popular,” he said, “and we’re really excited to engage with our wide network of supporters through this new medium. 

“We have social workers who were influenced by a personal event that spurred them on to a career in social care; we have residents with captivating memories to share; local community members talking on the record about their experiences as a Fed client; and staff members sharing intimate details of their childhood, adulthood and everything in between.

“Listeners will be captivated by some of the tales we’ve had stored up for many years.

“You’ll find us on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!”

Episodes will be released early each month, with the teaser episode scheduled for the middle of August.

For more information, contact