We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new, next-generation-led committee to fundraise and raise awareness about our services and crucial work.

Fed Up North, the brainchild of Fundraising & Marketing Director, Raphi Bloom, is made up of young adults from across the community, all with a common cause of supporting The Fed.

Heading the committee is Georgie Yaffe, who said:

It’s really important for the younger members of the community to get involved with important communal causes and start to share some of the responsibility for ensuring they stay strong and secure.

 “As the community’s safety net, The Fed is one of our most important charities and we are all delighted to be contributing to its vital work.”

 The committee is made up of Georgie, Jermain Johnston, Shoshi Black, Didi Chrsyler, Avital Gilbey, Harvey Kaye, Ellie Kramrisch, Daniel Rosenberg and Arie Steinberger.

Looking ahead, the group is organising The Big Fed Quiz of the Year in January, to be held in the Northern Quarter!