In early February, Heathlands Village was transformed into a 1940’s haven as we celebrated four special birthdays – resulting in national TV coverage!

Lea Glaskie, Margaret Broome, Estelle Demby and Pearl Snowise all celebrated huge individual milestone birthday, with two of them reaching 101, and two 102.

With all the excitement, the BBC and ITV were keen to interview the birthday girls, and their appearances can be found on our Facebook page here.

We threw a very special party to celebrate with the ladies and their families, with a complete 1940s theme, down to bunting decked around site, a wartime entertainer in the form of Vicky Bee, and dance duo GI Jive!

It was an incredible occasion – and we celebrated in style!

Director of Operations, Sheila Heywood-Holt, said:

You cannot imagine the privilege of caring for people who have reached such a remarkable age! They are simply so precious to us – we really consider them the jewels of our little community.

I’m sure a lot has to do with the luck of being born with good genes, but I like to think that feeling cherished every day and having lots to look forward to in our busy village has a lot to do with their longevity, too.”

With thanks to all our amazing staff and volunteers who made this a day to remember. To quote one resident: “Wow! What an afternoon!”