To coincide with The Fed’s milestone 150th year, a mini-museum has been erected in the Atrium at Heathlands Village. The display presents a history of The Fed, from its inception in 1867 right up until the present day and includes artefacts and images dating back over 100 years.

A history of The Fed’s evolution, incorporating all of the organisations that have come under its umbrella, is also displayed, as is a gallery of photographs depicting the ‘Old Home’ in Cheetham Hill.

Relatives of Heathlands Village residents, former staff and former members of various organisations that merged into The Fed have been moved by the amazing memories the display has brought back.

A number of items have been included, on loan from local families, whilst other items have been kindly loaned by the Manchester Jewish Museum.

The display is open for everyone and will remain in place until 2018.