Catering Assistant

£9.11 per hour – From April 2022 the salary will be £9.90ph 

30 hours per week – including weekends

Main duties and responsibilities:


  • Adhering to the Kashrut Laws relating to Kosher food preparation, service, storage and cleaning, and report any incidents of non-compliance to a Manager
  • Keeping all work areas clean and tidy as far as is practicable in particular at the end of the day/shift
  • Ensuring that a high level of personal cleanliness is maintained
  • The satisfactory completion of any duties allocated
  • The reporting to the senior chef on duty of any mechanical defects or need for repair
  • The observation of safety regulations and safe procedures
  • The observation and adhering to of the Fire Safety, Food Safety, Health and Safety, COSHH and HACCP policy and procedures
  • Preparation of food or vegetable preparation as directed by senior chef on duty with accordance to recipe specifications and standards set.
  • Washing up of crockery and cutlery
  • Cleaning of utensils
  • Cleaning of machinery
  • Cleaning of food preparation areas
  • Cleaning of all refrigeration
  • Cleaning of walls, switches, electrical boxes, window ledges, cupboards
  • Floor cleaning
  • General cleaning of the kitchen as directed
  • Transport and collection of meals to the service areas
  • Decanting food into serveries
  • Cleaning the kitchen areas on the units
  • Pot washing on the units
  • Any other reasonable request from a senior person on duty


JD Catering Assitant

PS Catering Assistant

GEN Application October 2021