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Trek 4 The Fed

15th – 22nd September, 2019

8 days / 4 days Trekking / Post Trek Weekend in Herzliya



Option 1 – Full fundraising – each participant must raise minimum of £3,405 sponsorship inc Gift Aid. A £395 cash booking fee is payable IMMEDIATELY.

Option 2 – Cover your costs of £1,800 – each participant must raise a minimum of £2,000 sponsorship inc Gift Aid. A £395 cash booking fee is payable IMMEDIATELY.

Option 3 – No fundraising needed – pay £3,800 in total. A £395 cash booking fee is payable IMMEDIATELY.

Join us for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push the boundaries of your endurance and conquer some of the most beautiful scenery Israel has to offer, enjoying the best in female comradeship and togetherness every step of the way.

Re-capture that spirit from your year out, raise money for The Fed’s essential services and tick off a bucket list item that you’ll never forget

The Yam L’Yam route is one of the most iconic in Israel, undertaken by thousands each year and is definitely challenging walking through stunning scenery.

It literally crosses the country from west to east, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, across some of Israel’s most beautiful scenery in the Western Galilee and Upper Galilee regions. The Sea to Sea hike will take four days, along marked scenic trails.

The trail starts in the city of Nahariya on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast, in the Western Galilee region of the country and heads directly inland through the flat Coastal Plain, and the fields belonging to kibbutzim and moshavim who grow a huge variety of crops. As the Coastal Plain is left behind, the terrain begins to pick up and the final glimpse of the first sea (the Mediterranean) is left behind. You will pass the Montfort Fortress. Heading from Abirim, the trail continues east until the village of Fassuta, when it turns south winding its way past the villages of Elkosh and Hurfesh and towards Mount Meron. Following this is largely the descent down to the Sea of Galilee (the lowest freshwater lake on earth!) passing the famous city of Safed and ending on the shores of the Sea of Galilee just north of Kibbutz Ginosar.

The hike is a total of approx. 100km starting at sea level, climbing to 1,200 meters, and then descending to -210 meters. This is rated as a T2 -Moderate trek.

Hike Distances by Day:

  • Day 1: Akziv to Abirim 22 km, 8hrs
  • Day 2: Abirim to Mount Meron 22 km, 9hrs
  • Day 3: Mount Meron to Nachal Amud 24 km, 8hrs
  • Day 4: Nachal Amud to Gesher Amud The Kinneret 32km, 10-12hrs


How challenging is it?


This is a challenging event and involves long walking days of up to 8 hours. A reasonable level of fitness is required and you will need to have a good level of endurance with an ability to sustain the level of effort required over a period of days. There will be both ascents and descents and the use of metal hand rails, metal ladder and metal hand and foot holds. You should be doing regular exercise – with hill training. This trek is a challenge but achievable for everyone.




What’s included


✓            Flights & Airport transfers in Israel

✓            Accommodation. 7 nights twin-sharing in hotels and camping. Limited singles available on request.

✓            All meals (except for lunch on non-trekking days)

✓            Fully supported trek with professional guides, trek leader and doctor.

✓            FREE FED trek jersey.

What’s not included


✘            Travel insurance.

✘            Any personal expenses, drinks, tips and gratuities.


Any Questions:


Please contact Rochelle Broman (details etc) or email

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