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Carers’ Project

Do you care for a loved one who could not manage without your help? You may be classed as a ‘carer’. Our Carers’ Project supports people aged 18 and over, who look after another adult, on an unpaid basis.

Read more below to find out how CAST can help.

Who is a ‘carer’?

According to the Carers Trust, a carer is:

‘anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.’

Caring for another person can have a huge impact on your life – affecting your ability to study, go out to work and socialise. It can affect your own health and leave you feeling very isolated.

For this reason, many carers need advice and support to help maintain them in their caring role.

If you are a carer you could be entitled to certain statutory rights and benefits, as well as services from local councils and voluntary organisations like The Fed.


The Purple Group

The Purple Group is a male-only carers group that provides mutual emotional support and practical advice.

Often, carers find comfort in support from others who are going through similar experiences to themselves. This peer-centred approach allows for male carers to share and advice one another in a comfortable space, hosted in the Purple Room at Heathlands Village.

For more information on the group, and why male-specific support groups have become increasingly important, click here.

Young Carers

If you are a child or young person under 18, and you are a carer in need of support, please contact our CAST team to see how we can help.

Carers’ Advice and Support

The Fed’s Carers’ Advice Worker is part of our Community Advice and Support Team (CAST). They offer advice and support to adult carers on a one-to-one basis and can carry out a ‘Carer’s Needs Assessment’. This helps to pinpoint what support you need to help you cope with your caring situation.

Our Carers’ Advice Worker offers emotional support and practical advice about all sorts of things that carers need to know. This includes your rights to benefits and grants, which they can help you apply for. They can give you information about medical conditions, opportunities for carers and other support services.


Other services for carers

The Fed’s Carers’ Project also:

  • Holds a number of different regular carers’ groups
  • Offers use of dedicated carers’ respite accommodation at Heathlands Village. This enables the person you care for to be looked after whilst you take a break
  • Offers occasional training courses and other special events for carers
  • Provides volunteers to sit with or take out the person you care for. Find out about volunteer support

Call 0161 772 4800 (option 2) or contact CAST for further information or advice.


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