What a great team The Fed really are.

In truth, for years, I had assumed they were an American crime fighting organisation, which sounds pretty hardcore, but it turns out they do something far more important!

They help vulnerable people, those who need a little lift up and those who need a bit more support at a time when they need it most in their lives.

And guess what? At some time even the hardest of us need a little bit of help.

There’s nothing more pleasurable than bringing pleasure to others, so I am glad to be making even this small contribution to the cause.

So why am I going to stand up and hopefully bring a bit of laughter to you all? Well, people have been telling me that I look funny for years, so this is my chance to see if I can sound as funny as I look.

I hope you can come and support me and maybe even make a donation to this great cause.

I have no doubt you will get a good laugh out of me on the big night…even if it’s just from my haircut!