Throughout the last few difficult months, we’ve received numerous heart-warming messages from relatives of the people we look after at Heathlands Village, as well as from people we support in the community.

The kindness, sensitivity and trust displayed by the wider community has been a constant source of moral support and has made a very special difference to the lives of our staff and volunteers.

Here, we share a few of those touching messages with you.


“You are all heroes and heroines and should be sung loudly.” 


“It is hard to express how grateful I am for the amazing love and care you and every member of your staff, at every level, continue to give even during these unprecedented times.” 


“I have always said there is an ethos at Heathlands Village which permeates everywhere, and I know this comes from the top. I want you and your staff to know how thankful I am and the extent to which relatives and friends benefit from this.” 


“This volunteer support is such a bracha (blessing) for us. I can’t tell you how this is going to help us, thank you so much for thinking of us.”


“It is a relief to know you are not on your own – sometimes it feels like you are, so it’s so good to know I can call you.” 


“You and all your staff are truly amazing and so very appreciated during this world crisis.”


“I realise what a mammoth job you have at the moment and am thinking of you and everyone at Heathland a lot. YOU ALL are the heroes during these very difficult times!”


“I am in complete awe at the dedication and bravery I have heard is being shown at Heathlands by the staff and managers.  Please keep safe and well, and I hope to see you in happier times.”