The Fed was rocked in February by the tragic and untimely passing of our much-loved Honorary Patron, Lady Beryl Steinberg.

A stalwart of the Greater Manchester Jewish community, and of Anglo-Jewry as a whole, her gentle encouragement and boundless passion was a primary influence in the evolution and successes that The Fed has enjoyed throughout the last decade.

Together with her late husband Lord Leonard Steinberg, himself a former President of The Fed, Lady Beryl – as she was affectionately known – was a visionary who gave of herself to a multitude of causes across the country.

Karen Phillips MBE DL, former Chief Executive Officer of The Fed, has fond memories of her friend and colleague:

“Beryl and I met many years ago when she and her family were donors of The Fed – but her interest in all of us and the organisation went so far beyond that of a donor.

“She became a friend and an enthusiastic source of encouragement, someone who listened to our strategies, our hopes and our aspirations, and someone who shared her down to earth philosophy on life.

“Her warmth and compassion will be sorely missed by her lovely family, her friends, and all at The Fed.

“It is so hard to believe that she will no longer be there for us.”

Mark Adlestone OBE DL, a former Chair of The Fed and himself an Honorary Patron, remembers the deriving force that was displayed throughout the merger of The Fed and Heathlands Village.

“She was totally central to the merger of the two organisations in 2009. Her husband, Leonard, of blessed memory, had a longstanding vision of creating a more collaborative social welfare solution in Greater Manchester, and following his death, Lady Beryl staunchly supported myself and Karen Phillips with our plans.

“She was not only fantastically supportive financially and took a very active interest in the development of the organisation, but she cared about the people, too.

“Her passing came as an untimely shock to us all as she had so much left to give. We will miss her on so many levels.”

Raphi Bloom, Fundraising and Marketing Director, agreed:

“Lady Beryl was one of our community’s true leaders and her support and passion ensured that thousands of people’s lives were transformed in both Manchester and Israel. She did this with much graciousness and humility – she really was Manchester Jewry’s First Lady.”

Leslie Kay BEM, a former President of Heathlands Village and Fed board member, recalled the humility and quiet support that was so forthcoming from Lady Beryl.

“She was a truly remarkable person. Her friendly and modest demeanor endeared her to so many people across the world.

“She played a key role in the development of The Fed, grounded in a wonderful partnership with her late husband, Leonard.

“She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all.”