The Fed celebrated Chanukah in style in December, with celebrations and parties for everyone at Heathlands Village!

In the lead-up to the festival, our annual residents Chanukah concert wowed an audience of more than 60, with special guest stars from King David Nursery providing an extra level of entertainment – and cuteness!


The Fed welcomed more than 75 volunteers and community clients for a Chanukah party at Heathlands Village, as well as two separate children’s parties – with lots of presents for all!



Chazan Yossi Muller and the Whitefield choir honoured us by performing at the traditional first-night Menorah lighting ceremony in the Heathlands Shul, whilst on Monday afternoon, Chazan Didi Chrysler lit the menorah for our Volunteers and Clients party, before his children entertained guests with a medley of Chanukah songs.

On Tuesday evening the Drop-In mental health group held its own Chanukah party, with a delicious meal followed by karaoke and games.