Natasha and her son Ben are raising money for The Fed, in recognition of the work we do and the warm welcome her grandpa received when he joined us here at Heathlands Village

Natasha’s story…

“Those of you who know me, my grandpa Gerry or the Golombeck family, may know that Grandpa has got vascular dementia – he has had it for years now!

Recently he went missing from my dads house….huge panic struck all of us and luckily through family, friends and the local facebook community he was found safe and well at Crumpsall hospital entertaining all the very busy fantastic NHS staff!!

It was then that my dad Along with my uncles stephen and david and aunty Suzanne had to make the tough decision to put him in Heathlands where we knew he would be safe.

The Monday he became a resident was one of the hardest, walking grandpa to his new room, looking at the handrails on the walls and wheelchairs all around sent my heart plummeting.

We got to his room where my aunty and dad had plastered photos of the full Golombeck clan all over the walls, trying to keep it together we walked around as grandpa talked about them all and obviously the most precious of photos of my beautiful grandma Rita (who spent the last weeks of her life in Healthlands)!

Peeking outside the room to see my dad and susie red faced and full of tears didnt help but we managed to (kind of) suck it in and go along to the communal sitting room where a singer was on!

The moment we stepped in the room grandpa grabbed the mic in true Gerry style and gave A brilliant performance, followed by a round of applause and a joke about getting the clap and a high five for me!!!

I didn’t think i could laugh so much and cry at the same time! I thought to myself….he’s still there….hes still got it!!!  We left him to it!

Plain and simple….The staff are incredible!!  Comforting to us all at a difficult time and great with grandpa!  We go to the lovely cafe for lunch or tea where everybody knows him.

I want to raise money for Heathlands because of all the fantastic work they do. Please look at the link to their page.

This year its the biggest challenge yet!!!  In May a 5k open water swim in salford quays!!

In July my brilliant son Ben will be running the race for life 10k in Heaton park and i will be trying to keep up with him!

These challenges i know will be extremely tough for Ben and i, most definitely the hardest ones yet, but its so worth it for Heathlands for my grandpa, for my dad and all the Golombecks❤

Please help me reach my goal!


  • Awww My gorgeous daughter and handsome grandson. you will smash it no worries. For a great cause too. Mum

    Donation made on 07/03/18

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  • Good Luck two of you

    Donation by Sophie Stein on 07/03/18

  • Good Luck you inspirational mad beautiful girl x

    Donation by Sharon Garner on 07/03/18

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  • Good Luck Tasha and Ben we will come and cheer you on ( though you need to get to the gym and build up those shoulders Ha ha )

    Donation by Jo Kingston on 07/03/18

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