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LFT Requirements at Heathlands Village

On the 10th November 2021, we marked the 600 day anniversary of when we first introduced lockdown and infection control measures at Heathlands Village.

I don’t think any of us expected to be still discussing and living with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 but certain restrictions, including regular testing, remain part of our lives.

The 11th November was the deadline date for mandatory vaccinations of everyone working in care homes and we are pleased to say that our workforce is now completely compliant with the new legislation.

For some people receiving the vaccine has been a relief and a privilege , for others it has been a source of worry and anxiety, and we are very proud of the fact that we have reached this milestone and remain focused on keeping as many people as possible safe.


Our visiting regime has to be constantly reviewed and reinforced. The following arrangements remain in place for anyone visiting Heathlands Village.

1. All visitors must complete a lateral flow test (LFT) on the day of their visit

2. All visitors must show both the actual LFT test and the email/text confirming the test has been registered

3. Please double check the LFT as we have had people turn up with a positive test

4. If you have any of the recognised symptoms of COVID-19 then please do not visit and get a PCR test.

5. Visits remain restricted to 2 guests per resident or tenant at any one time.

6. Visits should preferably take place in peoples rooms or flats or in a pod. However, from 25th November 2021, communal areas can be used for visits as long as there is only one visiting group using the immediate area at a time. For full guidance, please visit the government website with the latest advice, updated on 25th November.

7. Masks must be worn in all communal spaces and we encourage visitors to continue wearing in individual bedrooms and flats.


If a visitor does have a positive LFT then the following procedures apply:

1. They must get a PCR test in line with Government advice

2. If the PCR test is positive the person must isolate for 10 days from the date of the positive test.

3. We will not accept visits until after the 10 days

4. After testing positive people cannot undertake Lateral flow tests for 90 days. We will therefore use the official notification of a positive PCR test as proof and people will not have to complete an LFT.

If in doubt please contact a member of our clinical team for advice.


We continue to follow the rules and directives set by Government for Care homes. These rules are different to virtually everywhere else including hospitals.

Testing remains our best line of defence. Swab testing can be unpopular and inconvenient but it keeps the people we care for safe and it keeps our workforce in the workplace!

Please be patient and respectful to our customer service and care staff when asked to evidence your test. If you forget your test, or forget to register it, we will ask you to do one whilst you wait or go home and undertake another test.

Whilst we are sorry for any inconvenience our customer service staff have been asked to ensure the Government rules are enforced.

As the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger, please be respectful. As a last resort, we will ask rude people to leave.

We would strongly advocate that everyone get double vaccinated and to get the booster and whilst you are at it, get the flu vaccine! In doing so you are helping us to protect the most vulnerable people in our community.

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