13 year old Karl Adelman called at THE FED’s  Children’s Centre at HEATHLANDS VILLAGE in Prestwich in December , with some very special gifts for the centre’s young users.

Manchester Grammar pupil Karl and Mum, Fran Horwich met PROJECT SMILE and Children’s Centre manager, Carol Moffatt, to hand over a spectacular wooden doll’s house and toy garage which he had bought from money received when he recently celebrated his barmitzvah.

Karl reasoned, “When I had my barmitzvah I became a man in Jewish Law and along with other duties that meant I became obligated to give charity (tsedokah). I wanted to share my barmitzvah gifts with other kids and to give something I could see and know I paid for. My mum rang the Children’s Centre to see what they needed, and then we found the house and garage on specialist website for educational toys.

Carol added, “When Fran phoned me it was perfect timing because our doll’s house had just broken and the garage was on its last legs. The kids love these kinds of toys and they get a lot of use a real hammering.

The ones from Karl are absolutely fantastic. They’re not only beautifully designed but incredibly well made and sturdy and should last a long time.  We could never have afforded to buy such good quality items out of our normal budget. We are so indebted to Karl for his generosity! He is a wonderful young man!

Karl donating toys to THE FED's Children's Centre at HEATHLANDS VILLAGE

Karl donating toys to THE FED’s Children’s Centre at HEATHLANDS VILLAGE

The kids who use our Children’s Centre have special needs and many are very curious about the physical world. They notice the second anything changes here. They’ll make a bee-line for the new toys when they come this afternoon to our pre-shabbos play group. I can’t wait to see their faces!”

Karl, who is the son of the late Jeremy Adelman, lives in Prestwich with parents Fran and Ed Horwich and older brother and sister, Leo (18) and Lucy (19) Adelman.

If you, or anyone you know, has a child with special needs who might benefit from using the children’s centre or from any of our Children and Family services, please contact Carol Moffatt on 0161 772 4800 to arrange for an assessment.