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What do The Fed’s volunteers do?

Where do we begin? There are so many volunteer opportunities to choose from! It really depends on what you enjoy doing and what your strengths are, but read on for some ideas…

Volunteers enrich

They bring joy and added interest to people’s lives, young and old, whether they live in their own homes in the community or at Heathlands Village.

Art therapy volunteering at THE FED

Art therapy volunteering at Heathlands

They visit people for a chat and a coffee, go out for lunch, go to the pub, a gig or or the cinema. They help people do their shopping and run errands.

Some help us run our mental health Drop In, coming along for a game of pool or table-tennis with our members. They have supper together and help them surf the net and maybe just have a chat.

Volunteers entertain

They help to run activities for older people living at Heathlands Village, our care home. Some come and play the keyboard and run sing-a-longs. Some run quizzes, classical music appreciation and reminiscence sessions.






Music therapy at Heathlands Village

Volunteers encourage

They get involved in running our play-schemes and activity sessions for children with special needs. They help them have fun, get down on the floor and play with them, or go out in the garden, digging and planting.

They don’t mind getting sticky with glue or gooey with cake-mixture. They chill out with the kids in the snoozelem or get wacky with them in the dressing-up corner.

Volunteering at children at THE FED

Volunteering with children at The Fed

They encourage our residents at Heathlands Village to join in activities such as arts and crafts, jigsaws, weaving, knitting, crochet and baking.

They play card-games, chess and scrabble, do crosswords and sit alongside our residents, giving a helping hand or reminder.

They come and share stories and enjoy a bit of friendly banter.

And above all volunteer enjoy themselves!

Fed volunteer chatting with two clients

A Fed volunteer chats with clients









On top of this The Fed’s volunteers get involved with:

Supporting people who are ill

Our volunteers give moral support to people coping with cancer or other serious illness. They take them for treatment and check-ups – “being there” when family and friends cannot.

Giving carers a break

They give carers a break by sitting with the person they look after, for an hour or two, so they can get out of the house for a bit. Alternatively they might also take the person they care for out for a while.

Providing respite care

Sitting with people while carers have a break

Running “coffee stops”

They help run our “coffee-stops” – regular socials when we take a group of people, who may need a bit of extra company. These are held at local schools, garden-centres or shopping centres.

Working with children with special needs

Our volunteers work with families of children with special needs, playing with the kids and helping to build confidence. They mentor, help with homework and help take a little pressure off parents and carers for a short while.

Getting involved behind the scenes

And they get involved “behind the scenes” too. They help out with admin – answering phones, counting coins from our charity boxes, folding leaflets and stuffing envelopes.

Providing administrative support for THE FED offices

Providing admin support in our offices

They help out in THE CHARITY BOX shops which support The Fed; they paint murals on our walls; organise fundraising events; write policies and share their expert knowledge with us by sitting on advisory committees.

They even help run our organisation — after all our Chairman, Treasurer and Board of Trustees are all volunteers too!

Specialist Volunteers

Some volunteers relish a role which gives them more of a challenge. They may choose to specialise in a specific area of our work, undergoing additional training to learn more about a subject. They might for example choose to work with people with dementia. These are our “specialist volunteers”.

These volunteers are generally able to commit more time to the role and enjoy working closely alongside professional colleagues as part of the team. Some help us by liaising with other volunteers to monitor how they are getting on or calling clients to check on their welfare.

Ready to take a step and find out more about volunteering for The Fed? Click here.

fed facts
  • 38%

    Heathlands Village residents over 90 years old

  • £300

    amount The Fed must find pw for each public funded resident

  • 850+

    visits to our Community Cafe per year

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