Due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, we ask that artists do not bring their artwork to Heathlands Village. For more information on current entry criteria, please email info@thefed.org.uk


Our gorgeous, state of the art, specialist residential dementia household – Willow Tree House – is due to open in May 2020. Every detail has been considered to create a perfect home for our residents requiring specialist dementia care in the most modern settings. There is just one thing missing…. your own finishing touch!

We are calling on local artists of every stripes- amateur or professionals – to help us add the finishing touches to Willow Tree House, with the winners of the competition having their creations permanently displayed as part of our thematic household.

There are two pieces of artwork we are looking for. Both have different content requirements, as well as entry format conditions which can be seen below.

  1. Willow Tree Window

A square-shaped, realistic garden scene, with a prominent willow tree in the scene. Other than the inclusion of the willow tree, the scene is open to the artist’s interpretation. Whether you have garden sheds, a fountain, animals – or even people – is entirely up to you!

  1. Train Platform

A scene of a train platform, with plenty of detail to encourage conversation and reminiscence. An example would be Ramsbottom Station, in Bury, with its quaint old platform – but it doesn’t need to be from this era. Detail in this piece is key too – we’d love to see people of all ages interacting; waiting for the train; eating and drinking – plenty of things to create memories in the minds of those who see it.


Competition Rules:

Participation in this competition constitutes entrants full and unconditional agreement to abide by the following conditions. Selection as the winner of each category is contingent upon being compliant with these rules and fulfilling all other requirements set forth below.

Entry is open to all artists – professional or otherwise – aged 16 and above at the time of entry.

Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material.

You may only submit your own artwork that you, personally, have created.

Submission of artwork to the competition is taken as read as permission for The Federation of Jewish Services to use said artwork within Heathlands Village Care Home, as well as in any subsequent relevant publicity material. The artwork will be professionally photographed and ultimately reproduced in high-format print to be displayed in Willow Tree House.

All entries must be two-dimensional, and in colour.

Entries can be in any medium – with the exception of photography.


The Willow Tree Window will be 27″ X 27″ (68.5cm X 68.5cm) when in position on the wall. We will accept any size of entry – up to the full size of the piece, as long as they conform to this 1 x 1 dimension.


The Train Platform will be a total size of 7ft in length X 2.5ft high (213.3cm X 76.2cm) when in position on the wall. We will accept entries up to half of the finished size – dimensions of 3.5ft length X 1.25ft  height (106.6cm X 38.1cm).

If you wish to submit an original piece of artwork larger than this, you must first make contact with the competition organisers via the details below.

All entries for the train platform must be in the correct dimensions.


All entries must be submitted by 5th May 2020, with a judging panel to be convened following the final submissions.

The panel will be comprised of residents of Heathlands Village, relatives, board members and directors.

For further information, or to enter the competition, contact Joyce Khan, Robert Marks or Hannah McConnell on 0161 772 4800, or email info@thefed.org.uk