A night of friendship and family togetherness to fight loneliness in our community

Friday night is the highlight of the Jewish week.

Wherever you identify on the religious spectrum, chances are that this is the one night of the week when you love getting together with family and friends.

Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have loved-ones around them – which is why one of The Fed’s key objectives is providing support and friendship to people who are terribly lonely.


Fed Friday is an important fundraiser to help us fight loneliness

The Jewish community is known to be warm and inviting.  Nonetheless there are people who fall through its cracks.  Bereavement; children moving away; divorce; long-term disability; constant caring responsibilities or mental ill-health. All of these can lead to intense loneliness.

The Fed’s volunteer befriending scheme and its community groups such as our Coffee-stops, Community café and Drop In offer people companionship and social opportunities.

We give them something to look forward to, other than staring at their own four walls; someone to keep them company, other than their television.  


What do you have to do to get involved in Fed Friday?

The concept is very straightforward – and whatever your budget and culinary skills – anyone can take part.

By being a Fed Friday host you can help alleviate the suffering of people who literally have no one in their lives.

All you need to do is invite your favourite people for dinner on Fed Friday – this year that’s February 7 – and ask them to ‘ditch the gift’ and make a donation to The Fed instead.

We’re not asking you to invite a cast of thousands and we’re not asking you to make an eight-course banquet – just do what’s manageable for you!

Call or email us to let us know you are taking part and we will register you and send you a goody bag in time for your dinner.


And by the way: If February 7 isn’t convenient, why not pick another date for your own Fed Friday which suits you better?