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Despite having sworn never to run another marathon, I’m running another marathon!  I have been “fortunate “ to get a place in the London 2020 Marathon and I am running to raise funds for The Fed.

The great thing about the London event is that you get to train all through the winter.  The roads of South Manchester that can be so pretty in the summer months will be my home from home during the dark, wet and cold winter mornings, my trainers will be permanently damp and there will certainly be places I’d rather be.

So why am I bothering?

The Fed is the leading Jewish social care charity in Greater Manchester & the Northwest.  Specifically I am raising funds for The Fed’s Community Services which help 1 in 10 Jewish homes in Greater Manchester EVERY year – a staggering statistic.  The Fed helps thousands of people who suffer from mental illness, suicidal thoughts, child sexual & physical abuse, depression, loneliness, poverty, self harm, neglect and more.  The Fed is the Manchester Jewish Community’s safety net.  The demands on the charity outstrip its resources every year which is why your help is needed.

Please help make my effort worthwhile and sponsor me as I do what (I hope) will be my last marathon.


of £3000 target raised so far!


+ £12.50Gift Aid
Thank you so much for raising money for the vital work the Fed does. We very much appreciate it!
Donation by Raphi and Adele Bloom on 11/02/2020