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Support Antony as he takes part in this year’s Laughter Factor competition!

Having conquered the world of street dance, bare-knuckle boxing, battle rap & Icelandic mountain climbing, I’ve decided it is time for a fresh challenge in 2019.

This is way out of my comfort zone, but raising a few quid for The Fed will make it all worthwhile.

My Grandma is a resident at Heathland’s Village, and has been for many years. I’ve always wanted to raise some money to support the great work that goes in to looking after everyone who lives there, as well as the community as a whole.

Your support will be much appreciated.

of £500 target raised so far!


Donation by on 24/03/2019
+ £4.50Gift Aid
Best of luck - hope you don't get stage fright like in Miss Mayer's KD productions!
Donation by Eve & Ben on 22/03/2019
+ £11.25Gift Aid
Missed off the extra zero!
Donation by Andy on 18/03/2019
+ £1.25Gift Aid
Would wish you look but seems a bit redundant as I know you are gonna absolutely smash it! Gutted I can't be there but will be championing you in spirit!
Donation by Andy on 17/03/2019
+ £3.75Gift Aid
Good luck. You will smash it.
Donation by Gary Freeman on 15/03/2019
+ £12.50Gift Aid
You will smash it Antony !! I wish you the very best of luck and find it inspirational that you are taking on this challenge.
Donation by adam Green on 13/03/2019
+ £6.25Gift Aid
Got any Brexit material?
Donation by Anonymous on 13/03/2019
Good Luck
Donation by Mr & Mrs Rose on 13/02/2019
+ £6.25Gift Aid
Looking forward to you making us laugh Ant - it will be a first :-) Well done and good luck with your fundraising! Sylvia and Hilary
Donation by Sylvia Pearl on 12/01/2019
+ £12.50Gift Aid
So proud of you even if you are a complete loon leader xx
Donation by Mickey on 19/01/2019
+ £10.00Gift Aid
Looking forward to seeing you perform. Good luck Mum & Dad
Donation by Elliot Simon on 29/01/2019
+ £10.00Gift Aid
Donation by Anonymous on
+ £1.25Gift Aid
Looking forward to a good laugh! Good Luck
Donation by Aaron and Gemma on 04/02/2019
+ £0.00Gift Aid
"Hope you are funny! Good luck, great cause"
Donation by Julie Bolsom on 13/02/2019