Having your say

The Fed strives for excellence in every area of its work. We welcome your feedback to help us identify where we are doing a great job and where we may still need to improve.

If you have any compliments, suggestions, comments or complaints please complete a Have your say! form and post it to: Alison Lightfoot, Quality Assurance & Development Manager, The Fed, Heathlands Village, Heathlands Drive, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 9SB. Alternatively you can scan and email a completed form to alison.l@thefed.org.uk.

Have your say! forms are also available from our main reception at Heathlands Village.

Residents and Tenants Meetings

We hold residents and tenants meetings every 6 weeks to enable people help us shape the services they use.

Friends and Family

We keep our residents’ relatives in touch with what’s going on at Heathlands Village through various means including our monthly “Friends and Family” newsletter, letters and emails.

We encourage family members to share suggestions and feedback with us by speaking to members of staff or by completing a Have Your Say form. We are very happy to meet relatives in person to discuss our current services and plans.  

For more information about Shaping Our Services please contact Alison Lightfoot on 0161 772 4800 or email alison.l@thefed.org.uk

Complaints Procedure Flow Chart