As a Jewish social care charity The Fed’s services are designed to meet the cultural and religious needs of Jewish service-users. We support anyone who is Jewish and living in Greater Manchester no matter what their denomination. To ensure that our services are inclusive for people who observe Orthodox Judaism:

  • The Fed employs a Religious Director, Reverend Keith Rosen. He supervises kashrus and advises on religious affairs.  He provides pastoral care and religious guidance at Heathlands Village care home to residents, staff and relatives. He also arranges weekly shiurim (religious talks) and oversees religious celebrations for residents of Heathlands Village.
  • The Fed’s kitchens, at our Heathlands Village main centre, are run strictly in accordance with kashrus (kashrut). These are the Jewish dietary laws. Our kitchens are licensed under the Manchester Beth Din and all food preparation is supervised.
Meals at HEATHLANDS VILLAGE Balcombe Hall

Meals at Heathlands Village Balcombe Hall


  • Heathlands Village operates an automatic lift for Shabbos (Shabbat) and festivals.
  • The Fed’s staff and volunteers receive training in Jewish religious and cultural awareness. When supporting religiously observant families in the community The Fed’s staff are bound by strict adherence to the laws of tznius (tzniut) and yichud.
  • Heathlands Village has a purpose-built shul (synagogue) situated at the heart of its main building. The Miriam Hytner shul holds daily services and is regularly attended by residents and members of the community alike.
  • The Fed enjoys a close association with L’Chaim Outreach and Yeshivas Lubavitch, Manchester.  These organisations augment the Shabbos and festivals arrangements at Heathlands Village.  Their special programmes enhance the spiritual and religious well-being of our residents.

For a full list of what’s going on at Heathlands Village this month please visit our Events page.

It should be noted that Heathlands Village does accept residents and day-services users of other faiths or no faith.